Our 2023 Master Blender, National Brand Education Specialist, Authors and                National Brand Ambassador

Our guest presenter: Master Blender, Dr. Don Livermore

Meet Dr. Don Livermore, the Master Blender of Hiram Walker & Sons Limited in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. He is responsible for some of Canada’s award-winning whiskies, such as JP Wiser’s, Lot 40, Pike Creek, and Gooderham & Worts. After graduation in 1996 from the University of Waterloo with a degree in microbiology, 

CDN Whisky Masterclass
J.P. Wiser's 10 Year
Lot 40 Dark Oak
Lot 40 Port Cask
J.P. Wiser's 18 YO
Lot 40 Cherry Cask
J.P. Wiser's 42 Year Cask Strength


Also, meet the Guest presenter: Colin MacDougall, National Brand Education Specialist at Corby Spirit and Wine Limited

While he’s a dyed-in-the-wool “Bluenoser” who originally hails from Nova Scotia, Colin MacDougall travelled the corners of the earth before settling back into Canada on its Pacific Coast. Here he continued his passion for the spirit and wine industry, becoming a specialist for an already well-respected and dedicated team at Corby’s/Pernod-Ricard.

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Colin MacDougall – Shaw Centre

Bourbon Masterclass
Rabbit Hole Cavehill
Rabbit Hole Dareringer
Rabbit Hole TBD
Jefferson's Reserve Very Small Batch
Jefferson's Ocean


When and Where

Unique Executive Experience
Masterclass with Dougal Barr
Friday September 29th, 2023
Venue: Montgomery Scotch Lounge,750 Gladstone Avenue, Ottawa ON
Now on sale

Masterclass Series
Saturday September 30th, 2023
at 2:00pm and 5:30pm
Venue: Shaw Center, Ottawa ON
Now on sale

VIP Exclusive Experience
Saturday September 30th, 2023
at 5:00pm
with Dougal Barr
Venue: Shaw Center, Ottawa ON
Now on sale

Grand Tasting Hall
(main event)
Saturday September 30th, 2023
at 7:00pm
Venue: Shaw Center, Ottawa ON
Now on sale

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